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Romantic Love: 10 Types of Love Relationships

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Romantic Love: 10 Types of Love Relationships
Romantic Love: Types of Love Relationships

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 Love is one of the most intense emotions that a person can experience. It can come in different forms and can be expressed in various ways. Romantic love, in particular, is one of the most sought-after types of love that people search for. But what are the different types of love relationships that fall under the category of romantic love? 

Here are 10 types of love relationships

1.  Infatuation

2. Eros (sexual passion) (sexual passion)

3. Romantic Love

4. Agape (love for everyone)

5. Companionship

6. Storge  (family love)

7. Unrequited love

8. Philia 2. (deep friendship)

9. Philautia: 6. (love of the self)

10. Pragma (longstanding love)

We will discuss the 10 types of love relationships that people can experience.

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1. Infatuation

Infatuation is the type of love relationship where a person experiences intense feelings of attraction and admiration towards another person. This type of love is often characterized by a strong physical and emotional attraction toward the other person. Infatuation can be short-lived and fade away quickly, especially when the person realizes that the object of their affection is not what they expected.

2. Eros (sexual passion) (sexual passion)

Romantic Love: Eros
Romantic Love: Eros 

The word “eros” refers to romantic, passionate love, appropriately named after the Greek god of desire, Eros (the equivalent of Cupid in Roman mythology).

According to COSRT-accredited psychosexual and relationship therapist Cate Mackenzie, “Eros is a flaming, powerful kind of love that arouses sexual and romantic sensations.”

“People lose their self-control and become very physically and emotionally immersed when they experience eros. During times like this, people may find themselves unable to stop thinking about their beloved or companion, adds she.

Nonetheless, the ancient Greeks believed that eros was a hazardous form of love because of the way it caused individuals to lose control.

It’s not necessary for Eros’ love to last forever. According to the relationship, it may only last between six months and two years. Cate describes it as a very physical form of love. “For some people, this strong attraction may wear off and lead to the breakup of the relationship, or it may develop into a deeper or other kind of love.”

3. Romantic Love

Romantic Love: Eros
Romantic Love

Romantic love is the type of love relationship that most people search for. It is characterized by a deep emotional connection and intense physical attraction towards the other person. This type of love is often associated with passion and excitement, and it can be long-lasting when nurtured properly. Couples who are in romantic love often experience a sense of fulfillment and happiness in their relationship.

4. Agape (love for everyone)

The notion of selfless, unconditional love for others and love between God and people is one that you may have encountered if you studied RS at school.

“Agape is a highly empathic form of spiritual love.” This type of love entails our ability to forgive, accept, and trust others,”  Cate explains. Moreover, especially in Christianity, the agape principles of compassion and sacrifice can be viewed as “the ultimate expression of love.”

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5. Companionship

Romantic Love of companionship
Romantic Love of companionship

Companionate love is the type of love relationship that is based on a deep emotional connection and shared experiences between two people. It is often characterized by a sense of comfort and familiarity with the other person. Companionate love is often seen in long-term relationships, where the couple has been through a lot together and has built a strong emotional bond.

6. Storge  (family love)

Storge, according to Cate, “refers to affection between family members, such as the love shared between parents and children, siblings, or long-time acquaintances who feel like family.” She continues, “It fosters a sense of stability, safety, and support for one another, as well as the delight that comes from sharing memories.”

Along with the affection shared by family members, the word “storge” can also refer to a sense of patriotism or loyalty, whether it be to one’s nation or even a particular group, like a sports team.

7. Unrequited love

Unrequited love is the type of love relationship where a person has feelings of love for another person who does not reciprocate those feelings. This type of love can be very painful, as the person experiences rejection and heartache. Unrequited love can be difficult to overcome, but it is important for the person to realize that they deserve someone who will love them back.

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8. Philia (deep friendship)

Romantic Love of Philia
Romantic Love of Philia

Philia stands for platonic love, which is frequently as significant as romantic love. According to Cate, “philia can refer to love between equals, love related to the mind, or love between persons who have experienced hardship together.” This is from the Greek philosopher Plato, which is where the concept of platonic friendships originates from.

As physical attraction is not a required component of love, Plato came up with the concept of platonic love. Nonetheless, anybody who has experienced philia would realize that friendship and love may still be intense.

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9. Philautia  (love of the self)

Romantic Love of Philautia
Romantic Love of Philautia

Although it may seem like our contemporary concept of self-love is a relatively recent idea, the ancient Greeks had a concept similar to it.

When it comes to self-care, we can all still benefit from the wisdom of the ancient Greeks, who believed that loving oneself gave one a greater ability to love others. This concept is known as philautia. The quote attributed to Aristotle is actually: “All friendly sentiments for others are an extension of a man’s feelings for himself.”

The Greeks were aware that narcissistic self-obsession represented a harmful sort of self-love. But, it is possible to love yourself wholesomely without being egotistical!

10. Pragma  (longstanding love)

Pragma denotes enduring affection. “It’s a love that has developed through time, persisted, and has significance,” claims Cate.

This form of love frequently entails patience, tolerance, and compromise from both partners in the relationship, and the emphasis is more on maintaining the relationship than just falling in love.

According to Cate, “Pragma is the outcome of activity on both sides of the connection; it involves individuals who make commitments and keep them, and who prioritize the relationship.”

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There are different types of love relationships that people can experience. Infatuation, romantic love, companionate love, and unrequited love are just some of the examples. It is important for individuals to understand these types of love relationships and to recognize the type of love that they are experiencing. By doing so, they can nurture their relationship and experience the happiness and fulfillment that come with it.

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