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Is The Secret Email System Scam? My Sincere Evaluation

Have you ever questioned whether earning money from home is a legitimate option? Though it may be difficult to believe, I used to think the same thing until I discovered the Secret Email System, an email marketing tool that has completely altered my perspective on life. This product allows me to share my message with friends, family, and other bloggers, as well as send emails and newsletters to people who are interested in what I have to say. It has also enabled me to produce targeted visitors, which has increased my online income.

i. The Secret Email System: What Is It?

The Secret Email System is a logical method for setting up and managing an online business, more especially the freedom lifestyle business model, which enables you to create a long-term, lucrative, and sustainable enterprise that offers you flexibility, enjoyment, and adventure.
In September 2020, Matt Bacak released the list-building eBook Secret Email System, claiming to be able to teach you how to use email marketing to create a seven-figure business.

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We accomplish this by building a “business machine” that operates around the clock for you; the only thing left to do is manage the system; you won’t need to go out and find new customers or deliver goods to them.
This eBook, according to Matt, is a “business machine” that can create sales continuously with just 30 minutes of work every day. He claims that’s not necessary Make your own goods or handle customer support.

The sales video tells a standard sob tale of his struggles, 80-hour work weeks, and near-death experience until he eventually discovered how to automate revenue generation for his online business.
The eBook is intended to be a precise replica of the actions and detours he took to accomplish it.

Shortcuts as such don’t set well with me. I always sense trouble when an opportunity presents itself as an instant fix.
This is the Secret Email System, it frees you up to live and enjoy your life while the business works for you. and as a result,

And I Used An Totally Counterintuitive Online Selling System To Do It.
That I’m Going To Share With You Right Here on This Page
The same covert email system that people use all over the world to fill webinars and seminars, create leads, prospects, sales, customers, and clients for a variety of products, including digital and physical goods, low- and high-ticket sales, and more

Secret Email System Scam

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Matt Bacak: Who Is He?
Having been involved in email marketing since its inception in 1997, Matt Bacak has extensive knowledge in the field.

As per his LinkedIn account, he:
was honored in 2006 for Internet Marketing Leadership by a Defense Department official.
was a 2009 Finalist for the Stevie Award (Premier Business Award) and the 2010 Internet Marketer of the Year winner.
Additionally, he has movies on his YouTube account showing him using the internet.
talks on marketing that were uploaded back in 2006.
However, it’s surprising that he only has 564 subscribers. I thought he would have a larger fan base if he was really such a great internet marketer.

Nor is The Secret Email System his first offering in digital email marketing.
Additionally, he launched:

1. 5,001 Emails That Make Money
2. The E5 (Email 5) Method; 
3. 15 Webinar Sequences; 
4. Quick Cash With Facebook Marketplace;
5. Split Test Black Book;
6. Webinar Heist;
7. Instant Swipe File of the Month;
8. Enhanced Forbidden Knowledge Archive;
9. List Building Accelerator
10. Nearly all have to do with email marketing.

ii. The first two queries that come to mind are as follows:

Q1. Given his expertise in email marketing, why did he feel the need to introduce numerous items rather than concentrate on creating just one?
I’m still not quite convinced of his legitimacy as a skilled email marketer at this point.

What Is The Secret Email System’s Cost?

 Secret Email System Scam

The eBook for Secret Email costs $5.60. You will be taken to the first Ultimate Email Marketing Package upsell, which is currently only $47 instead of $97, as soon as you check out. The second upsell, The Secret Email Mastermind, has a $9.95 monthly fee.

…to the sale of books, dietary supplements, and even advisory services.

and as a result making more money than they ever imagined they could, all without having to rely on paid, frequently costly, highly erratic, and never-sustainable advertising.
which is forcing the majority of these internet entrepreneurs to completely convert to the new, automatic method of increasing their online revenue: working just a few hours every day making use of email marketing’s capabilities.

The Main Page Here

Things are automatically completed for you by the system.
Matt also lets you retain the eBook during his 30-day refund period.

The two upsells
The sales page for the initial Ultimate Email Marketing Package upsell states:
You’ll be able to “Copy and Paste” to get encouraging responses from others.

This essentially implies that you take his email swipes and paste them.
This is really inaccurate because building a relationship with your subscribers is a prerequisite for successful email marketing. Sending them a generic email won’t help you establish a relationship.

Matt does, to his credit, go on to say that you can rework the emails to provide that crucial personal touch.
Furthermore, since everyone who purchases these upsells will receive the exact identical email swipes as you, I believe that rewriting them is essential.

The second upsell offers admission to Matt’s Facebook group, Secret Email Mastermind, as a means of assistance and support:

Hidden Email System: An Examined View

The following is what the Secret Email System eBook teaches:
1. How to pick a marketplace with “high demand”
2. How to pick affiliate deals with good conversion rates
3. How to pick a domain that is relevant to your offering
4. How to pick a suitable autoresponder
5. How to create a personal opt-in webpage
6. How can we get people to visit our opt-in page on and on
7. How an autoresponder series is set up
8. Matt’s Seven Suggested Sources of Traffic
9. How a product offer should be mailed

This outline demonstrates that in addition to teaching email marketing, he also teaches affiliate marketing to maximize its effectiveness.

This is fantastic since Secret Email System teaches you how to make money from those emails, in contrast to other email marketing solutions like Instant Email Empire and 1K Daily System.

In summary, the eBook outlines a three-step process for producing money:
Step 1: Discover how to use the unmonetized leads of others to create an email list.

Step 2: Introduce those leads to pertinent goods and services.
Step 3: Use Matt’s email marketing techniques to monetize.

In addition to the eBook’s primary subjects, Matt offers extras like:

The Irresistible Offer Video Guide explains how to obtain high-converting offers.
Secret Email System Inventory: A list of items regarding what you must do
Three-Formula Calculator: Matt’s profit formula to help you increase sales
1,000 emails in the $2.1 million email swipe files Matt claims he’s in charge of millions of dollars’ worth of sales.
The Clue 357,582 Lead Generation Template: Developed by Matt
10,978 New Prospects Every Day Masterclass: Creating High-Quality Leads
The Millionaire’s Secret Book: A list of qualities that internet millionaires possess that enable them to succeed
Extra Large Swipe File Book: A list of catchy headlines, phrases, and words that you can use to make emails more unique
These bonuses are reportedly worth $1,500.

To be honest, though, these kinds of eBooks can be beneficial; yet, building a profitable business requires more than simply this guide and its benefits. You can’t just pick an email template and add any old headline and language he proposes to it. Email marketing involves more than merely distributing sales pitches.

As I previously stated, you must establish a relationship with your subscribers. You can’t just pitch them every time; you also need to offer something of value.

iii. Cons of the Six-Secret Email System:

Is The Secret Email System Scam?
  1. The Upsells Cost More Than the eBook
    The front-end eBook is, let’s face it, a deception to get you to click on the more costly upsells.
  2. There’s A Good Possibly Your Emails Will Become Part of The Spam Archive
    Your email will probably end up in the spam folder if the email list you create contains individuals who get a lot of sales pitches every day the spam bucket, resulting in even fewer clicks and decreased open rates.
  3. Cold emails
    If you’re inexperienced, you’ll probably just copy and paste the pre-written emails or make minor edits to make it sound less interesting. You won’t be able to stand out long enough to attract notice.
  4. It’s Important To Put The Correct Products in Front Of The Right People
    You can have the most beautiful email campaigns in the world, but they are useless if you send the wrong product to the wrong people.
    That’s why when I want to establish an email list, I like to design websites based on niches. In this manner, you may be certain that the people you are genuinely trying to promote are in your target audience.
  5. You Can’t Learn Everything From An eBook
    There’s more to learning email marketing than just reading an eBook. If you receive the right instruction, your chances of success will increase significantly.
    In addition to weekly live classes and more than 70 video lessons, Wealthy Affiliate offers a community of professionals to guide you in the correct direction.
  6. Irrational Earnings Allegations
    Working for over 30 minutes a day is required to make a significant living online.
    It takes a lot of time to learn and experiment in order to determine what works and what doesn’t. The Main Page Here

iv. Secret Email System: Is It a Fraud?

Given that you receive thousands of sample emails and a basic email marketing strategy, Secret Email System is not a fraud. Even so, you might require further instruction before you can begin to profit from it.

The front-end price is fair, in my opinion, but the upsells are unnecessary.

From here, whither do you go?
Using a tested online income generation strategy is far preferable to trying to put everything together yourself.
You will receive comprehensive, step-by-step training from Invincible Marketer that has consistently been shown to be effective.

They address every facet of managing an internet-based enterprise, ranging from social media and email marketing to obtaining Google rankings and identifying the most suitable products for advertising.
For all the information, see our frank review of Invincible Marketer.

 Secret Email System Scam

Give Us A Review on Your Secret Email System.
Think an awful $5.60 eBook can teach you anything?
Do you know how to make money online?

Previously registered and paid for the Secret Email System?

Tell us about your experience—good or bad—in the comments section!

Concluding remarks

The Secret Email System is real, I’ve concluded after reading reviews from other users and conducting some investigation. It’s a respectable internet income stream. With this approach, you can still earn a respectable living even if it might not be as simple as some people make it seem.
observe, I will explain the system, explain how it operates, and let you know if I think it is worth your time. or if I believe it is worthwhile for you to spend the time on it.

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TUC insists on N250,000 minimum wage, no turning back.


Festus Osifo, the president of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), stated on Tuesday that organized labor still maintains that the N250,000 benchmark is the best minimum wage for workers in Nigeria.

Osifo added that the Nigeria Labour Congress and the TUC were meeting with federal government representatives in order to agree on a minimum wage.

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With the subject, ‘The Dynamic Woman: Navigating Challenges in a Constantly Evolving World’

he made this revelation during the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Women Commission’s inaugural Annual Convention in Abuja.

President Bola Tinubu decided to confer with interested parties before submitting the bill to the National Assembly, which put a stop to talks on a new national minimum wage.

As per the agreement, the Federal Government and the Organized Private Sector labor is demanding N250, 000 as the new minimum wage, despite the agreement on N62,000.

Osifo, who was speaking at the occasion, stated that labor and the government were still adjusting the situation, not that the negotiations on a new minimum wage had been abandoned.

‘The talks over the minimum wage cannot end. It took nearly two years for the 2019 minimum wage—which has now expired—to become a reality. The talks were initiated in 2017.

The head of the TUC said, ‘We promised you when we started in January (this year) that we will ensure this one is fast-tracked so we not to be in the dilemma that emerged in 2019, taking two years to resolve.

He asserted that consideration was being given to the minimum wage and stated that the President desired more discussions. prior to sending it over to the National Assembly.

‘So, this is where we are now. In June, we filed the divergent position, and as you are aware, at that time, the President publicly stated that he wished to consult with all relevant parties,

including labor unions, governors, chairmen of local governments, and organized business. As a result, we are currently conducting some outreach and dialogue.

‘In order for the minimum wage that will be presented to the National Assembly to truly serve the lowest of the poor, we are working within and not yelling in the media.

This will allow the law to be filed in full in the near future. We continue to demand the N250,000 benchmark as maximum wage that is ideal,’ Osifo said.

Adeboye, at 82, claims he continues to steer clear of sexual temptation.


After years in the ministry and his ‘anointing,’ Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), says he is still cautious of sexual immorality.

Noting that no amount of anointing can thwart sexual temptation, Adeboye claimed that despite his advanced age, he runs faster than ever before.

Additionally, the clergyman cautioned gospel preachers against engaging in illicit sexual behavior and the false notion that their ‘anointing’ would enable them to resist temptation.

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‘The Glory Ahead’ was the theme of the sermon he delivered at the recently finished Ministers & Workers Conference of RCCG Americas 1, which encompasses the North, Central, and Caribbean regions.

Adeboye stated that Samson, in the sermon posted on his YouTube page on Friday, who, although anointed above him, became an immoral sexual person and became an Israeli judge,

‘Someone asks me, why are you still running at your age?’ he remarked. I run quicker than I used to because you have to be more cautious the closer you go to the finish line.

‘Some of you might ask, ‘Daddy, are you still running? What are you saying?’ I move quickly.’With all of your blessings?’

Does being anointed make you turn stone? Anointed was Samson. He slaughtered a thousand soldiers by himself. He was finished by a woman. I’m hoping the boys are taking note.

One may inquire, ‘Is there anyone who would be interested in an 82-year-old man? Instead of being interested in you, she wants to stop God from doing all of his wonderful things via you.

‘Go, because that woman you see smiling at you everywhere you go is not your wife. Run.’

Adeboye also advised young people to avoid lust by telling them to flee from everything that appeared sinful.

And when you see a male grinning at you and asks, ‘Where have you been all my life,’ he said, ‘you girls should take note.’ The appearance is that the sun has just popped out.

He’s referring to you as Sunshine. You won’t even be able to distinguish between sunrise and sunset by the time he’s done with you. Though I warn you, you might laugh.

‘Yes, I do caution my kids, especially the lads. I told the demon to go away if he approached you. However, you must flee if you see a girl giving you a strange smile, since you cannot prevail in this conflict.

NASU, SSANU, & the Education Minister collaborate to address issues.


Unions will protest on Tuesday in a number of branches. According to Viztadaily, the organize that the Federal Government called through the Ministry of Education and NASU, SSANU, to discuss the threat posed by the Non-Academic Staff Union of Educational and Associated Institutions (NASU) and the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) ended in impasse.

As a result, the two unions at universities that are part of the Joint Action Committee, or JAC, have instructed their members to organize and stage a protest on Tuesday in their respective branches against what they perceive to be the federal government’s insensitivity to their concerns.

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Remember that the government was given a two-week ultimatum by the JAC, which is made up of SSANU and NASU, to pay them the salary that President Bola Tinubu had approved for the four unions headquartered in universities but had delayed for four months.

The four unions, which included the National Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT) and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU),

went on an extended strike in 2022, forcing President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to implement the ‘No Work, No Pay’ policy.

ASUU received payment in October of last year, putting the other three unions behind, following President Tinubu’s amnesty for university workers who paid four months’ worth of withheld salaries. This development has caused friction and animosity among the universities.

In order to prevent the strike, the federal government called a conference with the two unions on July 4th, through the Minister of Education, Professor Tahir Mamman.
The two-week deadline had expired on July 4th.

Vanguard obtained with confidence that the gathering accomplished nothing as the Minister had simply pledged to refer their case to a higher authority—possibly Mr. President.

Outraged by the turn of events, the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the two unions has ordered all branches to have a meeting on Monday to discuss sensitive members for a one-day demonstration on Tuesday in all branches.

This will be followed by a nationwide protest on July 18 in Abuja, and finally, a full-fledged walkout.
A circular signed by Comrade Mohammed Ibrahim, President of SSANU, and Prince Peters Adeyemi, General Secretary of NASU,

addressed to all branch chairmen of universities and interuniversity centers regarding the conclusions of their meeting with the Ministers of Education, Labor, and Employment,

JAC stated that the government has not demonstrated a strong commitment to paying the four months’ worth of earnings that were withheld.

The directive to all NASU and SSANU branches, titled ‘Outcome of the meetings held with the Minister of Education and the Minister of Labour and Employment:
Directive’ encouraged the branches to fully engage in the planned protests.

The text stated as follows: ‘On Thursday, July 4, 2024, the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of NASU and SSANU held a national meeting to assess and decide on the current state of affairs regarding the withheld salaries of four months and other grievances of our members in University and Inter-University Centers.

Likewise, the Honorable Minister of Education, the Honorable Minister of State for Education, and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education were also invited to meet with the National JAC. other senior representatives of the National Universities Commission (NUC) and Ministry.

‘Unfortunately, the Minister of Education has not demonstrated a convincing willingness to pay the withheld salary or to resolve the other outstanding claims of the Joint Arbitration Committee (JAC) of the two unions.

The fact that the Honorable Minister of State was not in her seat to greet us, as usual, since we were told she had an urgent call from the residence,
is equally depressing. ‘The JAC was present at the Federal Ministry of Labor as well.’ & Employment.

”On the matters brought up, the Permanent Secretary who filled in for her was unable to commit.

Given this disappointment and the government’s unwillingness to listen to NASU and SSANU’s complaints, JAC has resolved on a set of industrial activities that consist of the following:

To raise awareness among members about the government’s insensitivity to our plights, all NASU and SSANU branches should be required to hold a general meeting on Monday, July 8, 2024.

‘On Tuesday, July 9, 2024, there should be a simultaneous one-day protest at every branch. Each branch ought to make sure that the media and press are sufficiently enlisted in the protest and that every member takes part in it to the fullest.

‘Further information will be communicated appropriately.’ ‘A National protest will take place in Abuja on Thursday, July 18, 2024, following which JAC will meet to announce a date when strike action will commence.’


The African Energy Bank headquarters will be hosted by Nigeria.

The African Energy Bank (AEB) is an international multilateral organization that supports net-zero pledges, energy transition, and funding for Africa’s hydrocarbon resources.

Minister of State for Heineken Lokpobiri, Oil and Petroleum Resources

The bid to house the African Energy Bank’s, (AEB) headquarters has been won by Nigeria.

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AEB is an international multilateral organization that supports net-zero pledges, the energy transition, and the financing of Africa’s hydrocarbon resources.

This move is anticipated to transform Nigeria’s gas and oil sector and establish the nation as a major force in the continent’s energy market.

This was disclosed in Abuja on Thursday by Heineken Lokpobiri, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and Oil,

At a briefing for journalists following the Council of Ministers of African Petroleum, the bank is jointly promoted by Producers’ organizations, according to the organization, in addition to Afrexim Bank.

It is anticipated that Nigeria will gain a great deal from hosting the $5 billion Africa Energy Bank, including increased GDP,

Improved job prospects, strengthened financial transactions, building construction, and increased inclusion.

5 Arguments in Favor of Nnamdi Kanu Prison Release.


The detention of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has been a subject of intense discussion and controversy in Nigeria for a considerable amount of time.

Many people think that talking about and finding a peaceful solution to the long-standing problems in the Southeast could be made easier by freeing Nnamdi Kanu.

Even as security worries in the area grow, a number of prominent figures from the Southeast, which might involve Labour Party presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi, have been pressuring the Federal Government to free Kanu.

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Recently, the Governors of the South-East decided to meet with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to talk about prospects for Kanu’s discharge

Despite the fact that the arrested IPOB leader’s, offense is a serious one that should only be handled by an experienced court of law, Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Lateef Fagbemi, says.

These are five convincing arguments, centered on human rights, the possibility of dialogue and peace, legal justice, political stability,

And popular opinion, for which many people think that Kanu ought to be freed from prison in response to the ongoing requests for his release.

1. Concerns for human rights

Significant human rights concerns are brought up by campaigners, regarding Nnamdi Kanu’s extended imprisonment. There is a widespread belief that he has been deprived of his freedom of expression and assembly.

His release has been demanded on several occasions by international human rights organizations, which emphasize the need for just treatment along with respect for the law.

2. Discussion and Conciliatory Resolution

Many people think that talking about and finding a peaceful solution to the long-standing problems in the Southeast could be made easier by freeing Nnamdi Kanu.

Kanu’s release, according to those who support it, may help reduce hostilities and encourage more fruitful dialogue between the government and pro-Biafra organizations.

3. Equity in Law and Judiciary

Concerns have been raised over the fairness and legitimacy of Kanu’s arrest and imprisonment.

His trial, according to his detractors, was tainted by flaws in the law, and his release would show Nigeria’s dedication to maintaining, due process and judicial fairness.

4. Consistency in Politics

The South has seen turmoil and protest as a result of Nnamdi Kanu’s incarceration East. Many believe that his release could help defuse the situation, lessen violence and protests, and promote political stability in Nigeria as a whole.

Those who support this theory claim that Kanu’s release might help strengthen ties between the people of the Southeast and the government.

5. Attitude and Influence of the Public

The release of Nnamdi Kanu is widely supported by the public, both nationally and internationally.

Some individuals believe that by releasing him, the government will be able to address public grievances and show that it listens to the concerns of the people, which could increase the public’s perception of its legitimacy and credibility.

Kanu has been pursuing legal action to restore his release, but a new lawsuit based on fundamental human rights that his legal team established against the Federal Government was dismissed by Federal High Court in Abuja Judge James Omotosho.

For alleged rights abuses, Kanu has filed lawsuits against the Attorney-General of the Federation and the Department of State Service, seeking ₦1 billion in damages.

While he was being held to prepare for his criminal defense, the leader of IPOB complained that the DSS and its director general had violated his right to a fair trial by barring his counsel from meeting with him without interference.

Justice Omotosho ruled during his ruling that Kanu had not shown sufficient proof to support his accusations, that the head of the IPOB had been obstructed in his communications with his attorneys,

that he had been refused unrestricted access to them, and that DSS personnel had His right to a fair trial was violated when someone listened in on his talks with his attorneys.

Nnamdi Kanu Prison Release

Updates: Nnamdi Kanu is set to be freed by Tinubu.


Nnamdi Kanu was detained again by the Federal Government in Kenya in 2021 and transported to the country to face charges related to his terrorist activities.

Southeast Asian senators have implored President Bola Tinubu to order the release of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the indigenous Biafra people, who is now in detention.

The lawmakers, led by Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, asserted that the social and economic life of the South-East will remain stagnant unless Kanu is freed.

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The senators handed their letter to President Tinubu regarding Kanu’s release during a private meeting with Lateef Fagbemi, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, in preparation for it being forwarded to the head of state.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, Abaribe addressed reporters immediately following the meeting and bemoaned the fact that the region’s social life and economy had already suffered enough as a result of the agitator for the Biafra nation’s ongoing imprisonment.

Abaribe expressed extreme concern that the arrested IPOB leader’s peaceful appeal has been co-opted by thugs and seasoned criminals, resulting in the senseless murder of innocent people, including security personnel.

The former deputy governor of Abia state informed the media that he had already met with Kanu on Monday at the Department of State Services (DSS) headquarters in Abuja, and that Kanu had consented to follow any release restrictions.

Senator Abaribe voiced hope that if Kanu is freed, the hostilities and tensions surrounding the area after he was placed under DSS custody in 2021 will eventually become a thing of the past.

Therefore, the senators begged the AGF to utilize his position to use his influence to have President Tinubu hear their message and to drop all charges the federal government had brought against the IPOB leader.

Abaribe added that practically all political officials, religious leaders, and stakeholders agree that Kanu must be released in order for the region to experience peace once more. This includes the senators.

The Federal Government re-arrested Kanu in Kenya in 2021 and sent him there to stand trial for acts of terrorism.

Despite his plea of not guilty to the allegations, he was not admitted to the Federal High Court in Abuja by Justice Binta Nyako.

Based on the claim that he breached the last bail, when Senator Abaribe served as his as a guarantee.

Since then, Kanu has been under the DSS’s custody per the Federal High Court of Abuja’s directive.

10 Hours of Rain: Lagos Is Overrun by Floods, Businesses Are Closed, and Houses Collapse.


Following 10 hours of rain in various areas of Lagos and Ogun states, business and commercial operations were suspended on Wednesday.

As a result, thousands of people were inundated, thousands of vehicles were grounded on the roads, and in certain parts of the states, schools were closed. A two-story structure in the Mushin neighborhood of Lagos was also destroyed.

While the Lagos State government claimed that the rain stopped at midday, in certain regions of the state it began at midnight and continued for a full twelve hours.

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In certain areas, the rain continued for ten hours, such as Berger, Ikeja, and Ogba.

After visiting some of the flooded areas, our reporters found that lengthy hours of rain caused roads and homes to flood in Iyana-Oworo, Agege, Ijegun-Isheri Osun, Gbagada, and Lagos Island in Lagos State.

Additional areas in Lagos that have experienced flooding are Eredo, Bojije, Epe, Sangotedo, Ibeju-Lekki, Awoyaya, Labora, and Abijon.

Major roads in Ogun State were drowned, rendering them impassable and trapping travelers, as ViztaDaily also visited Atan-Ota, Aseese, Ifo, Sango-Ota, and Ijebu-Ode.

The collapse of a two-story structure on Cameroon Road in the Mushin district of Lagos, which left seven people injured, was attributed to the heavy showers that started at 12 am.

According to Olufemi Oke-Osanyintolu, the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Emergency Management Authority, the seven victims were extracted alive from the crumbling building.

He claimed that the demise of the recently built building to the bad weather.

He declared, ‘Early this morning, inclement weather caused a building in Ewenla, Mushin, to collapse. Seven people were saved alive from the building.’

When the LRT arrived at the location of the event, it found that a newly built two-story structure had fallen.

After being saved alive, four men and three women were brought to a neighboring hospital to receive medical attention.

‘After searching the debris, the agency’s search and rescue team is able to certify that there isn’t a victim beneath the fallen structure.’ The area is still in operation even though it has been blocked off.

trips that are not necessary

The head of LASEMA also advised Lagos citizens to maintain composure and refrain from making any unnecessary travel plans due to the unpredictability of the weather.

‘We are requesting the wonderful people of Lagos to maintain their composure and avoid making any unnecessary travel plans since flash floods are common throughout the state,’ he continued.

The rain caused some schools in Lagos’ Alimosho Local Government Area—White Sand Estate, Isheri-Osun—to close, which had an impact on students sitting examinations right now.

Because of the dangerous roads, it was advised that the pupils stay at home.

White Sand Estate is one of Lagos’ most severely affected neighborhoods, regularly suffering from severe flooding, according to The Viztadaily News.

Poor roads, insufficient drainage systems, and a lack of maintenance are the main causes of White Sand Estate’s frequent flooding.

Homes were inundated by Wednesday’s downpour once more, with water levels reaching mid-level levels.

As our correspondent observed, a lot of the residents were stuck in their apartments with their living areas flooded and not even being able to sit down.

A parent, only known as Atinuke, forwarded a note from the school to our correspondent, complimenting the administration on their ‘pragmatic’ choice.

The message said, ‘Good morning, dearest parents. I hope your evening was wonderful.’ We have decided to close the school and postpone today’s exam due to the severe precipitation and the serious inclement weather projected for today. Almost everywhere is flooded, as you can see.

As a school, our top priority is to ensure the safety of our brilliant students. As a result, today’s school bus service is also cancelled. We apologize profusely for the inconvenience.

Atinuke bemoaned that water had overflowed her living space and demanded that the state authorities step in. room, making her take the furnishings out.

Look at the surroundings, she added; the rain has returned to my house. In Isheri-Osun, this is White Sand Estate.

Cars and motorbikes could not travel through the region due to floods, and pedestrians were seriously at risk because the water covered drainage ditches.

Johnson Olabode, the community development office’s public relations officer, voiced his annoyance by saying, ‘This year, we’re doing it again.

Water is present everywhere. When the rain started at three in the morning, I was up and just saw my house flood. Until the rain stops, we cannot even begin to remove the water.

He said that parents had received notification from schools to keep their children at home as a result of the harsh circumstances.

The Lagos State government has been urged by certain locals to take immediate action to resolve this persistent issue in their neighborhood.

John Adewale, a resident, bemoaned the fact that they were now forced to endure the flooding every year.

We now live in a nightmare every year because of this, he said. We are aware that our houses will flood every time it rains a lot.

We’ve been asking with the government to implement improved drainage systems, but it doesn’t appear like they will. There’s water all around us and we’re stranded inside.

Roads are submerged by flooding

Awoyaya-Sangotedo, Abraham Adesanya, Majek, and other major highways were also affected, and the situation was made worse by current road construction.

The chance to raise transport costs was grasped by motorbikes and commercial vehicles.

One of the residents, Anuoluwapo Atanda, Due that the clogged drainage in her neighborhood, Pen Cinema in Lagos’ Agege neighborhood, had an impact on their home.

It affected every property on her street as well as the one next to it.

Atanda stated, ‘The reason flooding occurs here is because the locals don’t maintain their drainage systems.” The waste-filled, clogged drainage system is the primary cause of the flood.

The construction on the connection road leading to my street is being attempted by the government, but it is progressing slowly and unevenly. This is not the season, in my opinion, to do it.

‘They recently finished digging the drainage system, so water isn’t flowing in it. As soon as the water enters, The gutter overflows into the road and into people’s homes as it fills up.

‘The flood has made for awful traffic.’ Since it is impossible to see gutters and potholes while everything is flooded, drivers are being cautious so they do not sink with their cars. Traveling from Agege to Oshodi took me approximately forty-five minutes; everything is chaotic.

‘This is Gbagada to 7up inward 3MB,’ announced Chu Osakwe, a user on X.com. If you have no business on the island, stay at home. #Traffic.

‘Just forget it if your morning route is taking the mainland via 3MB to the island. Reroute or head back home. I was just over on the other side, at the start of the Third Mainland.

The automobile doors are inundated with (Iyana woro?). On Wednesday, another X user said, ‘I’ve never seen that on the bridge before.’

‘Permit me to revise my recommendation. If you are a resident of Lagos, you should not even think about leaving your home today.

It is flooding everywhere. On the mainland, I wasn’t prepared for it to be this horrible. The resident said, ‘It’s flooded, and every road is blocked in every way.

When our journalist traveled to Ikeja, she saw stranded commuters forced to seek refuge and others waiting on the side of the road for commercial buses to transport them to their destinations.

According to The Viztadaily News, because of the water and traffic congestion, some commercial buses declined to take up passengers going from Ogba to Ikeja.

Moreover, broken-down The situation for drivers was made worse by automobiles.

Driver Tunji said that Ikeja’s inadequate drainage infrastructure was to responsible for the flooding.

‘Ikeja’s inadequate drainage system causes water to stay in one place, damaging cars and other properties,’ the speaker stated.

Due to the rain, there is a higher demand than there are buses available. For this reason, our cars aren’t prepared to travel to Ikeja.

Due to the flood and traffic jams, the supply decreased. Although that is unfortunate, what can we do?

Just because we want to get to work doesn’t mean we can make them trash their cars. It isn’t acceptable.

An increase in fare

The Viztadaily also noted that drivers of commercial buses and Tricycle riders raised the standard N300 transport cost to N700 for trips from Ogba to Ikeja.

A 54-second viral video showed locals in the Ojo neighborhood being forced to pay a bribe of N100 to access a different route under the Trade Fair bridge after a flood that flooded most of the region.

Lagos State Government officials detained a few people for allegedly extorting the locals.

‘You must pay N100 to enter the Trade Fair under the bridge in order to proceed. Additionally, this nation has a president. Watch their faces,’ a woman’s voice was heard saying in a video clip.

On his X.com account, Environment Commissioner Tokunbo Wahab announced that the insurgents had been taken into custody by the Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Corps and promised appropriate legal action.

As a result of a report from @ARISE0214, miscreants who were charging people to use the temporary crossover bridge, at Trade Fair this morning (Wednesday) have been taken into custody by representatives of the Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Corps,

Or @LAGESCOfficial, the author wrote. They will face legal consequences for their actions.

Several localities in Ogun State, including Sango-Ota, Alagbado, Atan, Oju-ore, and Lusada, were also submerged by devastating floods.

The construction on drainage rights-of-way and careless rubbish disposal, according to the locals, impeded streams, which resulted in flooding.

Rainfall caused damage to Atan-Ota resident Abayomi Rufai’s homes, which are valued at several million naira.

He blamed poor drainage channeling and drainage construction for the flooding.

and they had to quickly leave the residence. They bided their time for the water level to drop for three or four hours. The water is just standing still; it is not moving.

Calm has been urged by the Lagos State Government in reaction to the current circumstances.

Continuous rain

In a statement endorsed by Wahab, the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, it was said that Lagos had been continuously, raining for around nine hours since the early hours of Wednesday.

The state had been receiving daily heavy rains since last week, he continued, and this had caused the Lagos Lagoon to grow in level.

The flash floods that flooded places like Iyana Oworo, which connects the Third Mainland to various other areas, would subside eventually, according to Wahab. The downpour stopped.

According to the commissioner, the state has also sent members of the Emergency Flood Abatement Gang to significant areas of concern, such as Iyana Oworo, which has been completely cleared of obstructions.

As a matter of necessity, he asked ‘all those in low-lying areas to relocate to higher grounds at this period to safeguard lives and properties.’

Additionally, he cautioned locals against driving their cars through floodwaters because they could be washed away, regardless of how many people were inside.

In addition, the commissioner suggested that citizens use the State Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources’ daily weather data as a reference for daily itinerary planning.

The rainy weather also had an impact on Ogun State, with some such as Iperu, Oju Ore, the hometown of Governor Dapo Abiodun, the Joju bus station along the Abeokuta-Sango Ota Expressway, and the Sango-Ota under-bridge affected by floods.

‘I noticed slight flooding around Joju bus stop, Oju Ore, and Sango-Ota under-bridge and this I think is as a result of the rain but it is nevertheless nothing so threatening,’

Said Mrs. Adijat Ahmed, a resident of Sango-Ota. This kind of occurrence usually occurs during the rainy season.

It was also confirmed by Mr. Moses Ayinla that Iperu-Ilisan Road had some minor flooding. ‘the downpour caused some minor flooding on the Ilisan-Iperu road,

But this is nothing new—the road regularly floods after a significant downpour, even if the water eventually drains away after a few hours.

The issue with that We beg Gov. Dapo Abiodun to provide the ultimate solution to this problem because the location is drainage and the government once genuinely addressed it, but the issue has returned,’ he stated.

There hasn’t been any flooding in the area, according to Owolabi Babalola, a resident of Wawa, which is located right before the lengthy Lagos-Ibadan Expressway bridge.

‘The rain is a bit much here too, but even on the long bridge, there is nothing like flooding,’ observed Babalola. I just returned home, and I never encountered anything similar while traveling.

‘Though heavy rains can occasionally cause the area to flood, this evening when I returned from work, I saw nothing of the sort; Most likely, it has receded.

‘In Wawa, the rain is not normally the problem; rather, we used to have problems when the dam overflowed and was opened to release the water.

To guarantee that this difficulty disappears, we beg for further government cooperation and support.

Ogun calms anxieties

Concerned citizens were reassured by Ola Oresanya, the Ogun State Commissioner for Environment, that they had nothing to worry about.

‘As previously said in our April flood advisory to the public, the National Weather Service (NIMET) has reported that there will be flash flooding in certain areas of the state from July 3 to July 13. This is because the rain would have been hitting its apex.

‘After it rains, the flood will show up and then go away for several hours. The water would have subsided by now if you returned to the area where flooding reports from earlier in the day were made; this is a normal occurrence.

All that is required of the residents is caution and making sure they leave the house only when absolutely necessary.

He said, ‘We should also make sure that we fix our drainage systems the same way the state government has done to guarantee a free flow of water.’

Wednesday’s rainy weather caused minor flooding in Benin, the capital of Edo State.

Flooding in the Government Reservation Area caused traffic disruptions on roads such as Commercial Avenue, Reservation Road, Ikpopan, Aghobasiwin, Ihama, and Adesua Road.

It made the stretch of road beside the Prestige Hotel on Aghobasiwin Street and Ihama Road impassable.

In contrast, slow-moving automobiles were observed near the Government House and Nigeria Army’s 4 Brigade on Ikpopan, Reservation Road, and Commercial Road.

Blessing and Ife, two locals, said that the GRA’s lack of drainage systems was the cause of the problem.

For less than 30 minutes on Wednesday, there were light rain showers in Ado Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti State.

It caused disruptions to commerce and other operations in the capital city, even if it was not accompanied by thunderstorms or flooding.

The Fajuyi-Ojumose Flyover Bridge provided cover for the Okada rider Raymond and his companions. Raymond stated, ‘As you can see, these light showers have interrupted numerous things.

The rain has had an impact on what I will make. Given the extreme cold, I have no doubt that the rains will have an impact on how people choose to venture outside.

‘The brief rainfall has disrupted many things,’ Bola Olugbemi, a commuter, said. The majority of traders, including hawkers in the well-known Oja Bisi and Oja Markets as well as in the capital city,

I sought cover from the rain by running for cover from the elements. Things won’t stay the same all day long once more.

The heavy rain that affected Akure residents also caused a slowdown in social and economic activity in the capital city of Ondo State as well as nearby settlements.

It was discovered that a large number of state employees were absent from work, and some store owners might be closed to the public.

But no reports of floods anywhere in the state.

The rains that began on Wednesday at around 2:00 pm did not spare the people of Anambra State, as areas of the state were inundated.

The Neni hamlet in the Anaocha Local Government Area of the state was especially hard hit, with numerous roads and houses swamped.

Places like Onitsha, the state’s commercial hub, experienced disruptions to vehicular traffic.

The Onitsha-Owerri Road was severely congested with commuters and drivers.

The traffic bottleneck on the often congested route extended from Upper Iweka to the Enamel section of the road.

A roadblock at Enamel, manned by some navalratings, exacerbated the situation. They were seen intimidating drivers on the street.

They obtained sums of money. tricycle operators, shuttle bus drivers, and truck drivers, ranging from N100 to N200.

To complete their illegal act, they blocked a portion of the road.

Drivers who refused to give up their money were also witnessed being spanked by the ratings.

Due to the traffic on the Onitsha-Owerri Road, many individuals were compelled to hike a considerable distance.

The Onitsha-Owerri Road is a vital route for us in the South-East, and naval officials have continued to make life miserable for drivers on the road, according to a road user who went by the name Ifeoma, the protagonist.

‘We are victims of extortion in addition to the congestion their roadblock has produced. Take a look at how they have blocked over half of the way they’re extorting us by employing a two-lane road as a checkpoint.

Because of the floods on the Awka-Enugu Expressway, cars in the state capital of Awka were forced to travel slowly.

10 Hours of Rain

Flooding in Our Edo State Office Affects 4000 BVAS Machines – INEC


Flooding: At the start of a two-day introduction retreat for Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) in Lagos State on Monday, he revealed this. Prof. Mahmoud Yakubu, the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC),

has disclosed that more than 4000 Bimodal Voters Accreditation System (BVAS) equipment at their offices were impacted by the recent flood calamity.

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At the start of a two-day introduction retreat for Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) in Lagos State on Monday, he revealed this.

In spite of the loss, Yakubu declared that over 3,500 computers had been successfully recovered by the commission.

But he voiced worries that the impacted state’s remaining voting equipment might not be adequate for the next round of elections,

suggesting that neighboring states would need to provide more assistance.

In reference to the indoctrination retreat, Yakubu highlighted its significance beyond orientation, emphasizing its use in performance evaluations,

process evaluations, innovation discussions, and interactions with service providers.

In order to advance important reforms and strengthen organizational capacity for improved service delivery, he emphasized the significance of interacting with lawmakers.

Yakubu also gave a recap of recent events, mentioning earlier INEC retreats for different groups and describing forthcoming electoral issues.

He emphasized INEC’s dedication to enacting administrative changes as soon as possible and promoting essential legal reforms through interaction, with the National Assembly while bringing up the impending elections in the states of Anambra, Ekiti, and Osun.

Ali Modu Sherif’s mom died, and Tinubu is grieving.


In light of the loss of his mother, Hajiya Aisa, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, the former governor of Borno, has received condolences from President Bola Tinubu.

According to Viztadaily News, Hajia Aisha passed away on Sunday at the age of 93 in Abuja following a lengthy illness.

At the late Galadima Modu Sheriff’s family home on Damboa Road in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, she will be laid to rest today, Monday.

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In a statement released on Monday by Ajuri Ngelale, his Special Advisor on Media and Publicity, the President expressed his condolences to the Modu Sheriff family.

He advised them to find solace in the fact that the departed was a model citizen with many characteristics and made his transition at the holy of 93 years old.

‘The president beseeches Allah to bestow consolation upon the family of the deceased Aljannat Firdausi,’ Ngelale declared.

Gov’t halts private aircraft imports, grounding bank planes.

Due to suspected unpaid import tariffs of N1.9 billion, aircraft were forced to land.

The Federal Government, acting through the Nigeria Customs Service, has grounded a Gulfstream G650ER aircraft registered in the United States that belonged to a major Nigerian bank. The government is starting to take action against private jet owners who have unpaid import duties amounting to billions of naira.

Just two weeks had passed since the NCS started a one-month verification process for the nation’s private jet owners. Commencing on June 19, 2024, the exercise is anticipated to conclude on July 19, 2024.

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The exercise is intended to identify private jet operators who have unlawfully transported aircraft into the nation without covering the required import duties.

When a similar procedure was conducted in 2019, the customs had recovered around N2 billion into the government coffers.

During the one-month program, at least 80 owners of private jets are anticipated to show the Abuja Customs office their import documentation and aircraft certificate of registration.

It is anticipated that the one-month Customs verification exercise will result in the grounding of private jets that do not pay the required import duty; however, investigations revealed that efforts by certain operators to export their aircraft may have compelled the NCS to start cracking down on certain private jet operators.

Some operators of privately registered foreign aircraft were reportedly temporarily taking their aircraft out of the nation,

according to a report released by the Nigeria Customs Service last week. in an effort to avoid the activity.

The Viztadaily News, however, stated on Sunday that unpaid import duties—which are purportedly believed to be worth N1.9 billion—were the reason behind the grounding of a tier-1 bank’s luxurious Gulfstream G650ER aircraft at Lagos airport.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority and the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency were reportedly contacted by the NCS, who requested that they revoke the private aircraft’s flight clearance authorization.

According to information obtained by our correspondent, the agencies had been sent letters to distrain the Gulfstream G650ER, a US-registered aircraft with the manufacturer’s serial number 6487 and registration number N331AB.

The Gulfstream G450 and Gulfstream G550 aircraft, which the bank formerly owned, are said to be worth approximately N1.9 billion in outstanding import charges that it owes the government. The sources have subsequently left the nation.

It was also acknowledged that a verification exercise conducted by the NCS in 2021 served as the basis for the N1.9 billion assessment.

According to information obtained, the N1.9 billion might increase to almost N6 billion at the current exchange rate. The current currency rate is used to calculate the import tariffs on aircraft.

The cancellation of the flight clearance approval for the Gulfstream G650ER aircraft that had been previously granted was announced by NCAA and NAMA officials.

In the letter, the Customs Service Area Command at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos stated that the luxury aircraft, which cost more than $65 million, was refused the required export permit because it had violated the Federal Government’s import tariff standards.

One of our correspondents saw a copy of a letter addressed to the NCAA and NAMA, bearing the headline ‘Re: cancellation of flight clearance approval for Gulfstream G650ER with authorization N331AB and manufacturer’s serial number 6487.’

‘The subject matter mentioned above refers,’ the letter stated in part. As part of its efforts to increase revenue collection, Nigeria Customs decided to carry out a ‘verification exercise on private aircraft flying in Nigeria.’

‘The verification seeks to locate privately owned airplanes that were brought into the nation without authorization. The Service will be able to perfect these imports and gather money owed to the federal government as a result.

The aforementioned aircraft was deemed to have violated the import tariff requirements of the Federal Government, and as a result, the Export Permit was revoked by the Office of Customs (MMIA Command).

‘In light of the aforementioned, we kindly request your cooperation and support in order to refuse flight clearance approval.’

A considerable number of private jets were departing the country as the verification process got underway, according to the Comptroller General, NCS, Adewale Adeniyi, two weeks ago.

This was revealed by Adeniyi in an interview with Arise Television, who said that not many owners had participated in the exercise since it began.

We have information that a significant portion of these [private jet operators] are leaving Nigeria after the announcement was made because they would not want to be verified, and very few of them have shown up for verification,’ he stated.

The private jet verification exercise was implemented by the service, as the CGC clarified, because An increasing number of private aircraft were flying beyond the law.

‘This verification is being brought up because we have observed a large number of these aircraft flying, and our records indicate that only a small number of them have reported for duty.’

Only a small percentage of the numerous private aircraft operating in the nation have paid customs fees, according to statistics released by the CGC from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

According to Adeniyi, the agency realized N2 billion at the beginning of the exercise in 2019.

‘Keep in mind that we have done this before. We conducted an activity similar to this in 2019 and it brought in N2 billion in a short period of time. that we succeeded.

We found that more private aircraft are in operation in Nigeria but are not subject to legal restrictions. According to the NCAA statistics, very few of them paid customs duty in order to operate in Nigeria, the speaker said.

The head of customs claims that international aviation laws mandate that private aircraft operating within the nation must pay duty.

‘They are not required to pay any duty if they are here on a temporary importation visit, meaning they are free to leave the Nigerian airspace after a brief stay.

However, they must pay duty after they arrive and are utilized in Nigeria.

The purpose of the verification process, according to the CGC once again, was to verify’ aircraft operating within the ambit of the law and those that are operating outside the law.’

Private aircraft owners are required to bring certain documents for the verification procedure, including the aircraft certificate of registration, the flight operation compliance certificate from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority,

the maintenance compliance certificate from the NCAA, the NCAA permit for unrelated to and not flights, and the indefinite import permit (if applicable), corresponding to a notice from Customs.

Over a year after the Federal Government halted the operation, operators of privately owned aircraft that were improperly imported were subject to the most recent crackdowns.

Over the last three years, the government has intended to recoup billions of naira in import duties from private jet operators who exploited specific technological vulnerabilities to Avoid paying import duties.

After the NCS led by Hameed Ali made some major moves to reclaim the revenue, a few owners of private jets paid the obligatory import duty. Nonetheless, a number of private aircraft owners and operators in the nation have not yet paid the required amount.

It is said that a large number of private aircraft operators in the nation have looked into technical gaps in the regulations in order to illegally get a Temporary Import Permit from the Nigeria Customs Service rather than paying the required import duty on their imported aircraft.

The regulations state that the TIP may be renewed twice by six months after its initial 12-month validity.

Nevertheless, a number of private aircraft operators in the nation have kept the TIP extended indefinitely, a development that gave rise to previous Customs clampdowns.

At least 80 private jet operators are anticipated to submit their aircraft import documentation for verification during the one-month exercise, according to recent data.

According to certain stakeholders, the TIP is a dishonest way to avoid paying the required import duty. It is envisaged that importers of private aircraft, particularly those registered outside, will pay import duties equal to five percent of the aircraft’s worth.

But according to Customs officers, some owners frequently choose not to pay the import since private planes are expensive.

According to the operators, who would rather get a TIP by pretending that the aircraft is only going to be in the nation temporarily, The International Civil Aviation Organization Convention, Article 24, addresses the waiver of customs for commercial aircraft that are temporarily operating in a nation.

But Customs’ new administration seems ready to force all companies to pay the import duty.

According to unreliable sources, the high exchange rate could result in the government receiving close to N100 billion in unpaid import duty on private aircraft imports.

This study, however, is contingent upon Customs’ decision to impose the 25% penalty cost that owners of such aircraft are required to pay for late payments. In addition to the mandatory 5% import duty, there is a 25% penalty cost.

Abdullahi Maiwada, the NCS’s National Public Relations Officer, has confirmed that the verification process, which started two Wednesdays ago, is real.

Every now and then A group of wealthy Nigerians, prominent businessmen, and major commercial banks, along with roughly 17 other foreign-registered private jet owners, sued the Federal Government in 2021 to prevent the grounding of their aircraft due to suspected import duty delinquency.

This happened when the Nigeria Customs Service, acting on the recommendation of the Federal Government, grounded about 91 private aircraft for allegedly not having paid over N30 billion in import duties.

A review of import tariffs paid on private jets imported into the nation since 2006 was started by the NCS in 2021.

After the 60-day experiment, the Customs cleared and issued Aircraft Operators Certificates to 57 private planes that were licensed for commercial charter operations.

29 private aircraft, however, whose Owners who arrived for the verification were discovered to be responsible for paying the import duty.

In addition, 62 private aircraft owners who were judged to be responsible for paying import duties but did not show up for the verification exercise were included in the list that the Customs had produced.