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According to NNPCL, fuel lines in Nigeria would be Eliminated by Wednesday.

'Unfortunately, logistical issues caused a three-day disruption in distribution, which has since been resolved.'

Nigerians have been reassured by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Ltd. that the current fuel shortage and lines will end by Wednesday.

Olufemi Soneye, the NNPCL’s chief communications officer, made this statement to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos.

Mr. Soneye claims that the company now has more than 1.5 billion liters of products available, enough to endure for a minimum of thirty days.
Unfortunately, logistical issues caused a three-day disruption in distribution, which has since been resolved. ‘But, as you are aware, recovering from such disturbances usually takes twice as long to resume regular business as usual, he stated.
‘Some people are taking advantage of this situation to maximize profits,’ the speaker stated.

Fortunately, there hasn’t been much of a supply shortage lately, but it looks like some people are taking advantage of the circumstance for personal gain.

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Soneye promised, ‘The lines will be cleared out between today and tomorrow.’

Similarly, citing the NNPCL’s statements, the National Vice President of the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (lPMAN) expressed optimism that the lines in Lagos and Ogun would thin out this week.
However, Mr. Fashola said that because of the distance to Lagos, the lines in Abuja might get a little longer.

According to the NNPCL’s report, there was a logistics issue, and when that occurs, it will interfere with the supply chain.

Before it reaches the depot tanks, there may be a delay in the transfer of ships from the mother ship to the daughter ship.

It will undoubtedly take a few days before we can fix it. I predict that additional items will be available for marketers to lift by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Given the distance to Lagos and the poor roads, it might take some time before it can ease off in Abuja; Lagos might be calm this new week, Mr. Fashola promised.

Concerns over regular gasoline shortages in Lagos have been voiced by stalled drivers and commuters, according to a NAN correspondent who was on the scene on Monday.

Some commercial vehicles have raised their fares as a result.
According to NAN, The same circumstances existed at Abule-Egba and the surrounding areas, as well as on Abbatoir Road in Agege, Akowonjo Road in Bariga, Fola-Agoro, and the well-known Lasu-Igando Road.
There were lengthy lines of cars extending many meters long at the few gas stations that provided fuel.

Petrol lines were visible on Monday around the city at stations along Ikorodu Road, including Mobil, NIPCO, TotalEnergies, Forte Oil, and ConOil.

Gas lines stretched for around 500 meters from the gas stations at North West at Maryland, Gbagada, NIPCO along Ijede road, Ikorodu, and TotalEnergies at the NNPC bus stop in Ejigbo.

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