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Breaking news: Youth in Nigeria announce a national protest

Breaking News today Nigerian youths, who see the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as acting carelessly and unprofessionally, are preparing a statewide protest against the organization.

Investigative journalist Pidom Nigeria announced the demonstration on social media and launched the call to action.
The journalist claims that Friday, July 5th, is when the protest will take place.

A national demonstration against the EFCC (@officialEFCC) was posted by Pidom Nigeria. How about we give them a Kenya?

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This protest will be led by Gen Z and Millennials. It is sufficient. The nationwide #ReformEFCC demonstration will take place concurrently across the country and be organic and nonviolent.

It is anticipated that at least 100 Gen Z and millennials will swarm the EFCC’s corporate headquarters in Abuja, as well as all of her zonal commanders throughout Nigeria have peacefully submitted protest letters,

calling for much-needed reforms and drawing attention to the EFCC’s blatant violations of our fundamental human rights and the unprofessional behavior of some of its officers.

‘A variety of protest posters detailing the myriad atrocities that EFCC agents are committing around Nigeria, along with recommendations for a reform process, will be shown by protesters.

Some will hold signs with various textual content, outlining the changes that we, as common Nigerians, think the Agency should implement or the things we want them to undertake at their own discretion in order to regain our confidence, respect, and support.

Protesters must turn in their protest letters by the deadline, and after the demonstration is likely to be very peaceful, a top command officer is slated to address the crowd.

‘The protest will last between two and four hours at the corporate headquarters of the EFCC and all zonal commands, taking place concurrently across the country.

‘We have decided that the nationwide peaceful demonstration on the reform of the EFCC, #ReformEFCC, will take place on Friday, July 5, 2024, after thorough deliberations.

11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Location: in front of all Nigerian zonal commanders and the corporate headquarters of the EFCC.

‘We will peacefully demand the reform of the EFCC @officialEFCC.

‘They ought to uphold the constitutional and fundamental rights of every Nigerian, particularly the younger generation.

‘They ought to quit attacking defenseless Nigerians. robbing and destroying properties in the middle of the night by breaking into houses, hotels, and nightclubs like armed bandits.

(A couple who were married and spent their honeymoon outside of a hotel in a different state) where their marriage was performed.

The hotel was raided by EFCC agents. They broke into every room, including the one where the naked couple was staying.

Without any justification, they carried the spouse, brought him inside the hotel with other people they had arrested, and labeled him as a possible online scammer. He found himself in custody.)

‘The FBI should act more professionally in combating cybercrimes and other criminal activity by identifying and apprehending their suspects following a thorough investigation and due diligence.

This will enable them to pursue them using solid evidence and a court order without harming or assaulting innocent parties. identical to how the FBI is run. ()An American young man took a plane to Nigeria.

He was hoping to board a nearby flight to his ultimate goal, however there were numerous aircraft cancellations due to the poor weather. After learning that his flight would be delayed, he decided to stay at a hotel in the city in order to make his new trip the following day.

Regretfully, the EFCC stormed that hotel like armed bandits in the middle of the night, robbing every room, apprehending everyone, and taking off with them. The young man, who was facing back in their typical mugshot, was paraded as a suspected online scammer.

He missed his trip, ended himself in custody, and misplaced a great deal of the belongings he brought with him from Nigeria.

Because anyone might become a victim of the EFCC’s unauthorized arrest, that is the reason we are advocating for reform. ‘Furthermore, there are flagrant abuses of human rights.’

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