Hometop storiesGoogle I/O 2024: all the breaking news from the developer conversations

Google I/O 2024: all the breaking news from the developer conversations

Google I/O has a whole bunch of AI news coming out of its developer-focused I/O conference. Key products such as the company’s flagship Gemini AI model, which now has a faster Flash version to compete with OpenAI’s announcement of the new and faster GPT iteration, GPT-4o, the day before, were showcased in the keynote.

With AI Overviews, which aim to condense the web in response to intricate queries, and Ask Photos, a new assistant that searches your archive for answers to questions like ‘what’s my license plate?,’ Google is also revamping search.However, the video search demo of AI search accidentally brought attention to its shortcomings by providing some awful recommendations on how to an issue with the camera.

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Chrome will include Gemini Nano to power AI capabilities that can be processed locally, while Android is introducing a scam detection tool that can listen in on calls to identify possible fraud.

Google also revealed further information regarding a new Android 15 beta release and other fresh facts about the upcoming major update for its mobile operating system on day two of the event.

Google I/O

As for other gear, Google TVs are becoming into home hubs, and new Home APIs will open up a world of automation possibilities for app developers. Wear OS 5 will prolong the battery life of smartwatches, and streaming apps such as Max and Peacock will be available on Android Auto.

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