These are my dogs; they’re my obligation. They are not your puppies; they’re no longer your obligation. My dog, my studies, and my responsibilities

My powerful dogs are capable of causing havoc. As a direct consequence, they would be my law if anything or anyone came here to harm because of my dogs.

I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to live with myself if that happened to you, or worse, a small child. I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to live myself if either both had to be taken away or put down.

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Some puppies have an excessive prey drive and become obsessed with killing things, and if your dog is one of these, you’ll recognize it very quickly when you go to a friend or work with an adoption agency.

They can be satisfied that they will assist you in competently “cat testing” your dog. If that’s the case, just wait until your dog has outgrown it before getting a cat.

We do outlive our pets, so there’s no point in stressing her out and being irritated if she’s not a study dog. Some puppies have a strong hobby at first, but they can be distracted and recover. Expert handlers can help you tell the difference.

It’s a natural instinct to pat that head when a dog looks at you and wants to be petted. But you’re doing it incorrectly. Most people have rubbed the pinnacle at least a few times. Do not attempt it. Even if you don’t like puppies, if you have young children, you’ll have to get one at some point. Remember this image?

Please don’t tell me how to train my dogs. Please do not tell me to puppy them. I certainly have not advised any of you on what you should do with your puppies.

#1. Keep your new cat indoors as much as possible. When cats run, dogs are most likely to injure them, even if they are friends with the cats. Indoors, cats typically do not run or move in sufficient ways for dogs to truly work up enough adrenaline to take over their brains. They do it outside. I’ve even had dogs who had lived in harmony with a cat for years kill her when she accidentally got out, and I’m now unable to get her back in. They were dogs because that’s how their brains were painted.

#2 If your dog has meal aggression issues, as Trooper appears to, try feeding her in a kennel. Soak up any uneaten food in the bowl after mealtime so that it is not a problem.

#3. You can feed your cat on a counter or windowsill where he or she can easily bounce while the dog cannot. Placing the litterbox in a bathroom and using a baby gate (or putting the door so it no longer opens far enough to admit the canine) will allow the cat to use it without the dog making a HUGE MESS and trashing your property.

#4: Take your dog around cats and dogs who coexist peacefully. If you have friends who have this, invite them. Seeing dogs ignore cats and cats just strike around dogs, as well as humans acting as if this is an ordinary and regular occurrence, allows her to recognize that they are no longer prey like squirrels.

#5: Adopt a cat who has previously been around puppies, possibly fostered in a home with puppies, or surrendered or rescued from a home with dogs. Cats that do not run from puppies and understand how to act cool around them are less likely to be harmed, and they also understand how to not pester a dog and worsen her, as kittens will.

This does not appear to be the same question I was asked to answer.

I read somewhere on here that dogs don’t like being petted. So I stopped petting my dogs as an experiment. The examination lasted approximately four hours!

I have Boxers, and they make me think that they might be there after me. Constantly!

My girl will leap onto the couch while I’m studying or watching TV, look at me, wag her nub, then push my elbow up and force my hand around her head and neck. I don’t pet her because she’s schooling me, and it’s against the rules. But I pet her while she sits. If I stop, she will paw my hand lightly and whine, as befitting a boxer. Again, I don’t pet her because she’s trying to educate me.

My boy, a LA rescue, despises being petted on the pinnacle, especially by strangers who aren’t children. It took me two years to get it to his head. He looks exactly like his sister. He enjoys being cuddled and held. He also has a funny habit of lightly placing his paw on my foot while I’m doing dishes, for example. Then he flees, and I pursue him to play. He has a daily routine of leaping onto my mattress, face planting, and rolling onto his back. If I don’t pet him, he comes to a halt and looks at me. Then he keeps rolling without stopping. I pet his chest and stomach when he comes to a halt.

With puppies who have wonderful personalities, I’d say my test has proven that they enjoy being petted, even if it can be annoying at times.

I’m getting feedback on my “educational” function and may no longer pet my dog when she does what she does. I’d like to clarify something with everyone because it appears to have touched a sensitive nerve in some people.

In my solution, I no longer advised anyone on how to raise, train, puppy, or do anything with their very own dog. So, please understand; do not tell me how to teach, improve, or pet my puppies.

In response to a request, here’s how to puppy a cat.

I did cross-check a few websites to ensure they were consistent.

I keep hearing people say that their dog or cat enjoys the forbidden areas. As the pet’s owner, you have some special benefits, and it’s not uncommon for a few pets to have exclusive G spots. If you aren’t that close to or acquainted with the pet, this is more of a trendy, secure spot guide for petting.

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