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Joe Igbokwe Explains Why Igbos Should Ponder On Davido and Chioma’s Wedding.

The reason Davido and Chioma’s wedding did not happen in the Southeast is something Joe Igbokwe attributes to IPOB, ESN, and “known gunmen.”

Davido and Chioma’s wedding in Lagos on Tuesday has surely generated a lot of online and offline attention.

Davido and Chioma’s wedding in Lagos on Tuesday has surely generated a lot of online and offline attention.

This much-anticipated, star-studded event brought luminaries from all walks of life, including former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, several governors, and several celebrities.

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The wedding has sparked countless comments and arguments on social media, with Joe Igbokwe, a senior APC member, giving the Igbos food for thought.

Mr. Igbokwe has placed the responsibility on the Eastern Security Network (ESN), the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB),

Several armed organizations voiced their disapproval of the decision to hold the wedding in Lagos as opposed to Chioma’s birthplace of Imo State.

The chairman of the APC made these remarks in response to celebrity bartender Cubana Chief Priest’s worries about the loss of customary events in Southeast Nigeria as a result of increased security.

Mr. Igbokwe expressed his remorse over the painful and evident fact that CHIVIDO’s wedding was held in the Southeast in a Facebook post,

even though the celebration was stunning and vibrant. Many thanks to KGM (also known as Gunmen), IPOB, and ESN.

Mr. Igbokwe beseeched the Igbo people to consider the circumstances and strive toward restoring peace in their homeland, expressing his disappointment that the wedding did not take place in the South-East.

‘Everyone with Igbo blood flowing through them is aware that there are known Igbo gunmen in the Southeast,’ the author stated. our siblings and sisters.

ESN and IPOB are also present. They have crushed our people, our businesses, and our Igbo land with their hands.

Anyone of Igbo descent, he emphasized, ought to consider the significance of the wedding site.


According to Mr. Igbokwe, the Adeleke family from Osun State believed that holding the customary marriage ritual in the southeast was risky.

He emphasized that the area is now plagued by terror due to the existence of armed groups like IPOB and ESN.

Mr. Igbokwe is well-known for his ardent support of Lagos over his home region of Southeast Nigeria. He was appointed by the governor of Lagos State in 2019.

Aisha Yesufu, a politician from Anambra State, was recently criticized for disobeying the new national anthem during a Lagos-based event.

Activism-renowned Ms. Yesufu chose to sit down during the national song ‘Nigeria, We Hail Thee’ performance at a function, instead of joining others in singing it.

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