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Relationship Goals I 12 Things To Avoid In A Relationship.

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  12 Things To Avoid In A Relationship.

When we hear the word “relationship goals” a lot these days, especially on social media. But what kind of relationship goals should we be aiming for?

It’s about much more than extravagant vacations or matching outfits. Many aspects of relationships can be improved, which can assist you in setting relationship goals for a healthy and happy partnership. Here are ten relationship goals to work towards with your partner.

1. Use calm communication: 

Disagreements are unavoidable in relationships. 

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When you are triggered and angry, a relationship goal you can strive for is being capable of communicating calmly with your partner — rather than yelling to get your point across when emotions are high. 

“During these times, you can practice sharing what you’re feeling and observing in a calm manner.” While this is easier said than done, a 2017 study found that couples who used effective, positive communication in their relationships were happier.

2. Fight the problem, not each other: 

Dealing with your problems as a group rather than fighting each other can help you fight more fairly. You may be tempted to argue about who is correct or incorrect, but it is far more productive to address these issues head-on. Couples who keep this in mind will be better able to navigate relationship challenges,” says Janika Veasley, LMFT, therapist and owner of Amavi Therapy Center.

According to a 2019 study, focusing on issues with clear solutions and taking a solution-oriented approach to arguments are associated with happier relationships.

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3. Being completely open and honest

According to Cassandra Fallon, LMFT, therapist, and Regional Clinic Director at Thriveworks, “in a happy relationship with communicating effectively, you should aim to share your honest feelings and thoughts without guilt, shame, or fear.”

Get used to talking about yourself, and encourage your partner to do the same. “Open honesty can promote truthfulness and transparency, promoting an overall healthy relationship that eliminates problems or conflicts rather than ignoring their existence,” Fallon explains.

4. Always make amends after a fight

Being able to recover quickly from a fight allows you to mend your relationship with your partner. You’ll be able to recognize where you went wrong and share the common goal of getting back on track. “The solution is healthy dialogue and understanding for both partners in order to make amends and stay connected,” Veasley says.

However, once the issue has been discussed, it can be difficult to move on from the fight and back to normal life. Try giving your partner a big, long hug to connect physically to break the tension. You could also try getting up and doing something physical, such as dancing, to change your mood.

5. Avoid arguments whenever possible.

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Arguments and disagreements are unavoidable, but with tact and common sense, and without allowing your ego to take center stage, you can eventually resolve every misunderstanding.

Arguing is a natural and healthy part of any relationship, but be careful not to hurt the other person or say or do things that are difficult to undo.

Even in heated debates, it is possible to communicate with kindness and love.

6. Avoid being angry.

Avoid becoming irritated or impatient. This may be difficult at times, but remember that you are hurting someone close to you. Do you really want to go through with it?

Shouting, raising one’s voice, and saying hurtful things can end a relationship. Avoiding anger should be one of your relationship objectives.

You could, for example:

Before reacting, count from 1 to 10.

Take a sip of water.

Make an effort to comprehend your partner.

Change the subject and talk about something else.

Look for similarities in your opinions and thoughts rather than differences.

These are a few tips to help you avoid becoming angry.

7. To participate in and enjoy your own lives without feeling envious of others.

Your partner should encourage you and allow you to do things on your own without putting you down or showing jealousy.

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Despite the fact that you are a couple, you both have the right to live your lives separately. “Having an individual identity and developing ourselves as humans with our own support groups, interests, and activities contributes to being an independent and fulfilled force in the world,” Fallon says.

8. To improve your sex life:

 There’s always room for improvement in your sex life, whether it’s finally trying something you’ve always wanted to try, becoming more comfortable giving (and receiving) direction in the bedroom, or seeing a sex therapist together.

According to Ziskind, improving your sex life can help you improve your emotional intimacy and communication, making you feel even closer to your partner.

According to a 2017 study, couples who experience mood boosts and increased well-being from sex are more likely to be satisfied in their relationship in the long run.

9. Make time for fun: 

It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of daily life and forget to enjoy yourself with your partner. According to Ziskind, playing can be a stress release and a way to incorporate pleasure into your relationship.

10. Do whatever works for you, whether it’s playing classic board games or going out to play a sport with your friends.

Relationships should not become stagnant.

You should want to grow, which is easier to do when you share similar or identical values.

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11. “Knowing that you and your partner share the same values and beliefs ensures that you are working toward the same future and charting the same course,” Veasley says.

According to a 2016 study, married couples who reported shared values had happier marriages — and even higher individual well-being1. It is important to feel valued and respected – and vice versa – in a healthy partnership, but you should also feel valued and respected in a healthy relationship. 

You should strive to make your partner feel the same way by expressing gratitude on a regular basis and highlighting specific aspects of your partner that you appreciate.

. “When you can communicate that you value and respect your partner, it deepens the connection and builds trust between both people, resulting in a long-lasting relationship,” Veasley says.

12. Take regular time to invest in your relationship:

 While you’re busy investing time in work or other obligations, don’t forget to invest in your relationship. Fallon suggests that you stay in touch with your relationship goals to ensure that you’re both on the same page.

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 Fallon suggests making time to connect and touch base on a regular basis, such as once a week. This time can also be used to plan date nights or romantic getaways. 


meeting these objectives will not be quick or easy. It’s no secret that relationships require effort—and if you want your relationship to thrive, you’ll need to put in even more effort. 

To remain satisfied and grow closer than ever, you and your partner must actively work to make changes that improve the relationship.

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