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Rigging Claims: Kaigama Cautions In Opposition To Judicial Blackmail

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 The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, His Grace Most Rev Ignatius Kaigama, has admonished the political elegance to permit the judiciary to carry out its constitutional functions, announcing God above and looking at how the courts will carry them out. Kaigama gave the admonition the day past in his sermon at St.

Rigging Claims: Kaigama Cautions In Opposition To Judicial Blackmail
Rigging Claims: Kaigama Cautions In Opposition

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 Augustine Church, Lugbe, Abuja, following claims of manipulation within the outcomes of the final weekend`s presidential and national assembly elections. He mentioned the essential position the judiciary performs in warding off crises via the dispensation of justice in the course of disputes and cautioned politicians no longer to be blinded by their preference to wield power. 

Kaigama additionally advised judicial officials to try to be independent and brave in upholding the truth, which he stated turned into tremendous power within the shipping of justice. He said: “We concluded our presidential and National Assembly elections on Saturday. If you’re disenchanted with the outcome, you visit court. ” Let the courts do their task with the maximum amount of justice. 

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God above is looking like a court. The hopes of easy ladies and men will come true. ” The Chief Justice is anticipating people who administer the trial out of a sense of justice, out of first-rate non-public prejudice, or who compromise for political reasons. Do justice. 

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“For political leaders, there may be no want to combat dirty, rig, or control elections if the preference is to sincerely serve the not unusualplace correct.” “Those who take over positions of management need to do the simplest searching for ways to feature constructing blocks of brotherly love and improvement instead of destroying beyond correct legacies or stopping from them; to serve, and now no longer to be served; to construct, and now no longer to destroy; to bind, and now no longer to divide.” 

Meanwhile, the Catholic Archbishop decried the failure of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to maintain its promise of transparency within the collation of the election outcomes. However, he rebuked the presidential applicants of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, and the Labour Party, Peter Obi, for calling their supporters to reserve once they desired to illustrate within the streets in opposition to the presidential election outcomes introduced through INEC. Kaigama observed:

 “Many humans came out and enthusiastically voted, believing that the transparency promised could be guaranteed.” When it did now no longer show up in all cases, as many felt that the manner turned into compromised, many desired road protests. However, way to the adulthood of the pinnacle contenders, known as all to reserve and obedience to the legal guidelines of the land, we’ve got but survived collectively once more as in opposition to the ones predicting doom.

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 ” We endorsed humans to get registered, to gain their vote by casting cards, and to exit and vote. They went to the polls with enthusiasm, however, the manner did now no longer reap the transparency that they’d been hoping for. “No matter what happens, live calm and peaceful. 

Let peace reign. May God guard Nigeria and all Nigerians. There are many very hostile, inflammatory, and provocative statements. Resist the temptation to lose your cool.” Please actively participate in the closing elections on Saturday. God remains the God of all Nigerians.

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