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The presidency condemns Aisha Yesufu’s remarks about Tinubu being ignored by the SA president.

Two presidential aides have offered contrasting views on the matter in response to Aisha Yesufu’s comments regarding Tinubu’s purported rejection by Ramaphosa: Bayo Onanuga and O’tega Ogra, Senior Special Assistant on New Media.

The President’s harsh response to Aisha Yesufu’s recent tweet attacking President Bola Tinubu for being overlooked in South Africa has struck her hard.

President Tinubu was purposefully disregarded and publicly humiliated by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa during his inauguration ceremony.

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according to a post made by Yesufu on Wednesday that sparked a strong reaction from the president.

‘My people say that if you don’t have a word for a house, you go shame yourself outside,’ she wrote. Tinubu was humiliated in South Africa once more.

Yet, two aides to the president, Senior Special Assistant on New Media O’tega Ogra and Bayo Onanuga,

have both issued counterstatements to Aisha Yesufu’s allegations about Tinubu’s purported rejection by Ramaphosa, providing a different perspective on the matter.

Aisha Yesufu’s remarks were criticized by Ogra, who claimed that she was encouraging ‘ignorance and shameful behaviour’ in an attempt to get likes and retweets.

This implied that Yesufu’s remarks were shallow and attention-grabbing.

Ogra explained that President Ramaphosa was called back to the platform before he could greet additional dignitaries and that the front row was reserved for members of the South African royal family.

In order to disprove accusations of a snub, he also emphasized that Ramaphosa later received visiting heads of state in the second row, after the national anthem.

According to Ogra, Aisha has the constitutionally protected right to free speech.

However, her repeated acts of shameful behavior and blatant ignorance, which appear to be motivated by a desire for likes and retweets, in the name of her professed hatred and disdain for Nigeria, are abhorrent.

For the record:

  1. South African kings and royalty were allowed to sit in the first row during today’s inauguration.
  2. The inaugural compere politely invited the South African President back to the platform because it wasn’t thought that he would be welcoming dignitaries at the time of the video you provided.
  3. President Ramaphosa greeted the visiting presidents, who were all seated in the second row, as soon as the anthem ended. The arrangement of the third-row seats for visiting presidents on May 29, 2023, during Nigeria’s own inauguration.

‘Madam Yesufu, #AishaYesufu, you have demonstrated a remarkable capacity to fully personify and embody the extremely toxic, combination that is created by your constant ignorance and hatred.

‘A word of caution: Nigeria will succeed whether or not you personally hate them. I sincerely hope that this month you get your entire ‘Elon Cheque.’

In addition, Onanuga attacked Aisha Yesufu and her followers, calling them a ‘vulgar and pessimistic mob’ who are still upset about their favorite candidate finishing third in the 2023 elections. It appears that these criticisms are driven by personal issues.

Aisha and her impolite rabble of pessimists are always ready to jump to conclusions with any hint of what seems to them to be detrimental to the head of the largest democracy in Africa.

More so than the followers of the man who finished second, they have remained toxic and resentful for over a year following the 2023 election, in which their candidate finished third.

The presidency condemns Aisha Yesufu’s remarks about Tinubu.
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