Hometop storiesWinners' Chapel Pastor Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Rape in Nigeria

Winners’ Chapel Pastor Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Rape in Nigeria

According to the prosecution, the pastor of Winners’ Chapel offered the victim a drink after seizing a bottle of Fanta.

Enoch Gbinyiam, a pastor at Winners Chapel Church in Omuo, Ekiti, was jailed by an Ado-Ekiti High Court on Thursday for sexually, abusing a youngster within the church.

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Trust is the cornerstone that members of the congregation build their spiritual structures upon in the hallowed halls of faith. As shepherds of the sheep, pastors are held in high regard for their ability to both care for and protect the souls under their care.

However, darkness can hide in the shadows of piety, destroying the integrity of trust. That is the terrifying story that played out in the hallways of Winners’ Chapel, where the scandalous fall from grace of a pastor sent shockwaves through Nigeria.

There has been one count brought against Mr. Gbinyiam him.

The pastor had raped a church member’s daughter while she was spending time at the vicarage, according to testimony made in court by State Director of Prosecuting Agencies (DPP) Julius Ajiba.

Summary of Key Points: In a historic case that shook the country, a pastor connected to Winners’ Chapel, one of the biggest and most powerful megachurches in Nigeria, was charged with the horrible crime of rape. Millions of people who had turned to the church for consolation and direction had their faith and trust destroyed by the ripple effects of this revelation.

The victim was identified by Mr. Ajiba as a frequent guest of the mission house.

He claimed that the victim typically came to the vicarage to help his wife, the pastor, with housework, and to instruct and support his small children in their academic tasks.

The accused person gave her a bottle of Fanta and made her feel sleepy during one of her stays at the rescue mission’s homes.’ After taking the fanta and falling asleep, the minor woke up to see that her vagina was bleeding heavily.

According to him, the pastor was then taken into custody and faced legal charges. According to him, the offense was in violation of Section 2 of the 2019 Gender-Based Violence (Prohibition) Law.

To support his case, the DPP presented two exhibits and called four witnesses.

The pastor entered a not guilty plea to the accusation made against him through the counsel of Adeyinka Opaleke.

He presented evidence in support of himself and summoned one witness.

However, the prosecution established its case beyond a reasonable doubt, according to Justice O.I.O. Ogunyemi’s ruling.
Consequently, Mr. Ogunyemi found the defendant guilty and gave him a life sentence in a correctional facility.


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