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Nigeria Starts To Remove Its Citizens From Sudan

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The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM), which uploaded a video of buses parked in a row, discovered this in a tweet. 

Nigeria Starts To Remove Its Citizens From Sudan
 Nigerian Citizens in Sudan

 The evacuation of Nigerians residing in Sudan became began out through the Nigerian authorities on Wednesday. 


 The Nigerian Diaspora Committee (NiDCOM), which  posted a series of videos of parked buses, found them on Twitter. Along with this, he posted an image of people standing in line  with the words “To the registration factor this morning.”


 The Federal Government has organized this through @nemanigeria and the Nigerian Embassy in Sudan. “Last night, the Nigeria Evacuation crew in SUDAN acquired a few buses to move Nigerian Students to close by borders in Egypt, earlier than airlifting them to Nigeria,” Tweets from NiDCOM.

More buses are expected to arrive this morning, according to NiDCOM, and the remaining children will board them.

Buses were unable to obtain clearances to travel, which prevented the evacuation from beginning as planned on Tuesday, according to a ministry of foreign affairs source who was not authorized to speak to the media.

The WhatsApp group for Nigerians in Sudan offered a different explanation, claiming that it was because of some logistical problems.

According to PREMIUM TIMES, several Nigerian students who are studying in Sudan have requested assistance from the Nigerian government.

According to the UN, about 500 people have died and nearly 4,100 have been injured since the conflict started more than a week ago.

Many nations, including the UK, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and France Among others have managed to get their countrymen out of the conflict-torn Sudan.

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The United States was able to mediate a limited ceasefire that allowed additional countries to leave and the Sudanese to flee to safety after four efforts at one failed last week.

Volker Perthes, the UN representative to Sudan, said on Tuesday at a UN Security Council meeting in New York City that there are no indications that the warring parties in Sudan are prepared to truly discuss an end to hostilities.

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