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Is The Secret Email System Scam? My Sincere Evaluation

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Have you ever questioned whether earning money from home is a legitimate option? Though it may be difficult to believe, I used to think the same thing until I discovered the Secret Email System, an email marketing tool that has completely altered my perspective on life. This product allows me to share my message with friends, family, and other bloggers, as well as send emails and newsletters to people who are interested in what I have to say. It has also enabled me to produce targeted visitors, which has increased my online income.

i. The Secret Email System: What Is It?

The Secret Email System is a logical method for setting up and managing an online business, more especially the freedom lifestyle business model, which enables you to create a long-term, lucrative, and sustainable enterprise that offers you flexibility, enjoyment, and adventure.
In September 2020, Matt Bacak released the list-building eBook Secret Email System, claiming to be able to teach you how to use email marketing to create a seven-figure business.

The Main Page Here

We accomplish this by building a “business machine” that operates around the clock for you; the only thing left to do is manage the system; you won’t need to go out and find new customers or deliver goods to them.
This eBook, according to Matt, is a “business machine” that can create sales continuously with just 30 minutes of work every day. He claims that’s not necessary Make your own goods or handle customer support.

The sales video tells a standard sob tale of his struggles, 80-hour work weeks, and near-death experience until he eventually discovered how to automate revenue generation for his online business.
The eBook is intended to be a precise replica of the actions and detours he took to accomplish it.

Shortcuts as such don’t set well with me. I always sense trouble when an opportunity presents itself as an instant fix.
This is the Secret Email System, it frees you up to live and enjoy your life while the business works for you. and as a result,

And I Used An Totally Counterintuitive Online Selling System To Do It.
That I’m Going To Share With You Right Here on This Page
The same covert email system that people use all over the world to fill webinars and seminars, create leads, prospects, sales, customers, and clients for a variety of products, including digital and physical goods, low- and high-ticket sales, and more

Secret Email System Scam

The Main Page Here

Matt Bacak: Who Is He?
Having been involved in email marketing since its inception in 1997, Matt Bacak has extensive knowledge in the field.

As per his LinkedIn account, he:
was honored in 2006 for Internet Marketing Leadership by a Defense Department official.
was a 2009 Finalist for the Stevie Award (Premier Business Award) and the 2010 Internet Marketer of the Year winner.
Additionally, he has movies on his YouTube account showing him using the internet.
talks on marketing that were uploaded back in 2006.
However, it’s surprising that he only has 564 subscribers. I thought he would have a larger fan base if he was really such a great internet marketer.

Nor is The Secret Email System his first offering in digital email marketing.
Additionally, he launched:

1. 5,001 Emails That Make Money
2. The E5 (Email 5) Method; 
3. 15 Webinar Sequences; 
4. Quick Cash With Facebook Marketplace;
5. Split Test Black Book;
6. Webinar Heist;
7. Instant Swipe File of the Month;
8. Enhanced Forbidden Knowledge Archive;
9. List Building Accelerator
10. Nearly all have to do with email marketing.

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ii. The first two queries that come to mind are as follows:

Q1. Given his expertise in email marketing, why did he feel the need to introduce numerous items rather than concentrate on creating just one?
I’m still not quite convinced of his legitimacy as a skilled email marketer at this point.

What Is The Secret Email System’s Cost?

 Secret Email System Scam

The eBook for Secret Email costs $5.60. You will be taken to the first Ultimate Email Marketing Package upsell, which is currently only $47 instead of $97, as soon as you check out. The second upsell, The Secret Email Mastermind, has a $9.95 monthly fee.

…to the sale of books, dietary supplements, and even advisory services.

and as a result making more money than they ever imagined they could, all without having to rely on paid, frequently costly, highly erratic, and never-sustainable advertising.
which is forcing the majority of these internet entrepreneurs to completely convert to the new, automatic method of increasing their online revenue: working just a few hours every day making use of email marketing’s capabilities.

The Main Page Here

Things are automatically completed for you by the system.
Matt also lets you retain the eBook during his 30-day refund period.

The two upsells
The sales page for the initial Ultimate Email Marketing Package upsell states:
You’ll be able to “Copy and Paste” to get encouraging responses from others.

This essentially implies that you take his email swipes and paste them.
This is really inaccurate because building a relationship with your subscribers is a prerequisite for successful email marketing. Sending them a generic email won’t help you establish a relationship.

Matt does, to his credit, go on to say that you can rework the emails to provide that crucial personal touch.
Furthermore, since everyone who purchases these upsells will receive the exact identical email swipes as you, I believe that rewriting them is essential.

The second upsell offers admission to Matt’s Facebook group, Secret Email Mastermind, as a means of assistance and support:

Hidden Email System: An Examined View

The following is what the Secret Email System eBook teaches:
1. How to pick a marketplace with “high demand”
2. How to pick affiliate deals with good conversion rates
3. How to pick a domain that is relevant to your offering
4. How to pick a suitable autoresponder
5. How to create a personal opt-in webpage
6. How can we get people to visit our opt-in page on and on
7. How an autoresponder series is set up
8. Matt’s Seven Suggested Sources of Traffic
9. How a product offer should be mailed

This outline demonstrates that in addition to teaching email marketing, he also teaches affiliate marketing to maximize its effectiveness.

This is fantastic since Secret Email System teaches you how to make money from those emails, in contrast to other email marketing solutions like Instant Email Empire and 1K Daily System.

In summary, the eBook outlines a three-step process for producing money:
Step 1: Discover how to use the unmonetized leads of others to create an email list.

Step 2: Introduce those leads to pertinent goods and services.
Step 3: Use Matt’s email marketing techniques to monetize.

In addition to the eBook’s primary subjects, Matt offers extras like:

The Irresistible Offer Video Guide explains how to obtain high-converting offers.
Secret Email System Inventory: A list of items regarding what you must do
Three-Formula Calculator: Matt’s profit formula to help you increase sales
1,000 emails in the $2.1 million email swipe files Matt claims he’s in charge of millions of dollars’ worth of sales.
The Clue 357,582 Lead Generation Template: Developed by Matt
10,978 New Prospects Every Day Masterclass: Creating High-Quality Leads
The Millionaire’s Secret Book: A list of qualities that internet millionaires possess that enable them to succeed
Extra Large Swipe File Book: A list of catchy headlines, phrases, and words that you can use to make emails more unique
These bonuses are reportedly worth $1,500.

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To be honest, though, these kinds of eBooks can be beneficial; yet, building a profitable business requires more than simply this guide and its benefits. You can’t just pick an email template and add any old headline and language he proposes to it. Email marketing involves more than merely distributing sales pitches.

As I previously stated, you must establish a relationship with your subscribers. You can’t just pitch them every time; you also need to offer something of value.

iii. Cons of the Six-Secret Email System:

Is The Secret Email System Scam?
  1. The Upsells Cost More Than the eBook
    The front-end eBook is, let’s face it, a deception to get you to click on the more costly upsells.
  2. There’s A Good Possibly Your Emails Will Become Part of The Spam Archive
    Your email will probably end up in the spam folder if the email list you create contains individuals who get a lot of sales pitches every day the spam bucket, resulting in even fewer clicks and decreased open rates.
  3. Cold emails
    If you’re inexperienced, you’ll probably just copy and paste the pre-written emails or make minor edits to make it sound less interesting. You won’t be able to stand out long enough to attract notice.
  4. It’s Important To Put The Correct Products in Front Of The Right People
    You can have the most beautiful email campaigns in the world, but they are useless if you send the wrong product to the wrong people.
    That’s why when I want to establish an email list, I like to design websites based on niches. In this manner, you may be certain that the people you are genuinely trying to promote are in your target audience.
  5. You Can’t Learn Everything From An eBook
    There’s more to learning email marketing than just reading an eBook. If you receive the right instruction, your chances of success will increase significantly.
    In addition to weekly live classes and more than 70 video lessons, Wealthy Affiliate offers a community of professionals to guide you in the correct direction.
  6. Irrational Earnings Allegations
    Working for over 30 minutes a day is required to make a significant living online.
    It takes a lot of time to learn and experiment in order to determine what works and what doesn’t. The Main Page Here

iv. Secret Email System: Is It a Fraud?

Given that you receive thousands of sample emails and a basic email marketing strategy, Secret Email System is not a fraud. Even so, you might require further instruction before you can begin to profit from it.

The front-end price is fair, in my opinion, but the upsells are unnecessary.

From here, whither do you go?
Using a tested online income generation strategy is far preferable to trying to put everything together yourself.
You will receive comprehensive, step-by-step training from Invincible Marketer that has consistently been shown to be effective.

They address every facet of managing an internet-based enterprise, ranging from social media and email marketing to obtaining Google rankings and identifying the most suitable products for advertising.
For all the information, see our frank review of Invincible Marketer.

 Secret Email System Scam

Give Us A Review on Your Secret Email System.
Think an awful $5.60 eBook can teach you anything?
Do you know how to make money online?

Previously registered and paid for the Secret Email System?

Tell us about your experience—good or bad—in the comments section!

Concluding remarks

The Secret Email System is real, I’ve concluded after reading reviews from other users and conducting some investigation. It’s a respectable internet income stream. With this approach, you can still earn a respectable living even if it might not be as simple as some people make it seem.
observe, I will explain the system, explain how it operates, and let you know if I think it is worth your time. or if I believe it is worthwhile for you to spend the time on it.

The Main Page Here

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