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Wike Blames Rivers Elders For Criticizing Tinubu’S Intervention And Supporting Fubara

The Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nyesom Wike, has warned people in Rivers State against engaging in a political conflict without knowing its cause.
He also criticized some state elders for criticizing President Bola Tinubu’s intervention in the crisis between him and state governor Siminalayi Fubara.

Wike Blames Rivers Elders For Criticizing

The Minister spoke on Sunday while addressing the congregation during the thanksgiving and wedding anniversary celebrations of the Rivers State Commissioner for Works, Dr.
Des George-Kelly, at the Council of Kings in Port Harcourt.

Wike has mocked elders in the state who recently said Tinubu had no constitutional authority in the way he handled the political crisis in the state.
He said, “Let me tell the church that you know that blackmail is the simplest thing.
Many of you probably believe what is happening.

Many of you also follow the path without knowing where you will go.
“If I were you, sit back and ask yourself: Is this true?
But just because we’re no longer in power, you might want to believe everything they say.
Power and money, if not careful, can destroy you.
It can be done, depending on how you handle it.

Wike said he had never done anything that would bring back Rivers State, saying that during his tenure as governor, he fought with so many states to reclaim our oil wells .
He added: “The money collected from these oil wells today is not in my pocket but is for the benefit of the State.

“When I was here, because of my personality, I had never met with the federal government.
I am the only one who opposes the federal government.
I challenged them.

“That’s how you know people when they say they want to do something and they do it.
I’m not someone who can be convinced, just by a bowl of sweet potato porridge, no.
It is not possible.
“Don’t get involved in a fight between two politicians without knowing the underlying cause.
Continuing, the FCT Minister stated: “In every aspect of life, there are regulations and must be respected.

As a pastor, you must follow certain rules. So, as politicians, we have to follow the rules.
“When I was running for governor in 2014–2015, I had elders who wanted to meet with me.
I learned that there is one. When I arrived, I only saw two people. Only two of them consider themselves elders in the entire state.

“They said the elders in the state had decided that I should not run.
I said it must be a joke.
Now they have returned as elders.
“If you look at the people there, some of their sons lost elections.
Everyone wants to gain their weight.
“That’s what stopped me from doing it.
Wike made me not like that.
Even people created by Wike joined them.

While warning against propaganda, he expressed disappointment that the same group of elders who called for the president to step into the crisis were now the ones criticizing his intervention.
“You’re the one who said the President must intervene.

Now that the President has come to bring peace, you have said no; you have no constitutional rights.
“We all have to love this country, but don’t listen to the propaganda.
There is nothing I am looking for in this state now.
I have my own budget even as a FCT minister, yes.
I have my own commissioner.

“All I’m saying is, if you’re a politician, follow the rules.
» He said those touting nationalistic sentiments were misinformed, saying: “All of us in this state, no matter where you come from, know that this state belongs to all we”.
There’s no such thing as Ijaw, there’s no such thing as Ikwerre. All I know is Rivers State.
“If you want to negotiate with us, tell us the truth. Don’t just shout asawana (a popular unity mantra).
No, because when we chose who would rule, you never shouted “asawana.
” “Now they carry flags and shout asawana from top to bottom.
Do you know Mr.

President called us personally and told us what to do, he didn’t do it and now Mr.
President said okay, the bigger house is coming and they said he didn’t have the constitutional right to do that. I followed the peace process.

He described George-Kelly as trustworthy and reliable, saying he was someone who always performed when given a task.
Present were some of the 27 lawmakers considered loyal to Wike as well as several commissioners who recently resigned from Fubara’s cabinet.

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