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Mohbad’s Tragic Demise: The Lagos Police Command has made a solemn announcement on the exhumation of the late musical prodigy, Ilerioluwa Aloba, affectionately known to the world as Mohbad. This somber revelation has sent shockwaves through the music industry and beyond.

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Still on Mohbad’s Tragic Demise

Adding to the gravity of the situation, the police have also confirmed that the autopsy on the late singer has been conducted, awaiting the crucial results that may shed light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding his untimely demise.

The haunting specter of a nurse allegedly injecting the young musician prior to his tragic passing on that fateful Tuesday, September 12, looms ominously over this unfolding tragedy. The authorities have taken the nurse into custody, further deepening the intrigue surrounding Mohbad’s death.

At a mere 27 years of age, Mohbad’s vibrant Afrobeat melodies had captured the hearts of many. His sudden and unexplained departure from this world has prompted the acting Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Kayode Egbetokun, to launch a comprehensive investigation spearheaded by the diligent officers of the Lagos Police Command.

SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the Command’s Public Relations Officer, confirmed the grim discovery, stating, “Mohbad’s remains have been tenderly exhumed today, and the critical process of the autopsy will commence forthwith.”
However, when pressed for information regarding any arrests in connection to the tragic incident, Hundeyin remained tight-lipped, saying, “I cannot provide details on arrests at this juncture, as my information is limited. I can, however, confirm that the nurse is currently under our custody.”

In the midst of this harrowing ordeal, the late singer’s family has raised concerns about their safety. They have expressed apprehension about Azeez Fashola, popularly known as Naira Marley, and others. Mrs. Adebose Oluniyi, Mohbad’s grieving mother, has fervently requested enhanced security measures for her family’s protection.

This dire plea was made during a visit to Mohbad’s family, where they were joined by Senator Ishaku Abbo of Adamawa North Senatorial District, as well as renowned Nollywood stars Tonto Dikeh and Iyabo Ojo. Senator Abbo assured the family of unwavering protection and vehemently denounced any form of intimidation they might face.

In a tearful moment, Mrs. Oluniyi lamented, “Nobody can bring Mohbad back; we love him.” Senator Abbo offered solace, saying, “What I can guarantee you is that the Nigerian government will leave no stone unturned in investigating this tragedy. Those responsible will face the full force of the law, regardless of their status. Justice will be served for Mohbad.”

He continued, “The Nigerian government recognizes Mohbad’s significant contribution to our nation’s creative economy. We cannot turn a blind eye to the pleas of our citizens. We stand with the family in their grief and quest for justice.”

The Senator also emphasized the global significance of this case, stating, “This incident has taken on a new dimension, akin to the Black Lives Matter movement. Celebrities from all over the world are expressing their support for Mohbad and his family. They should be aware that the government is deeply concerned about this matter.”
He concluded with a resolute promise: “Nothing remains hidden, and no one is above the law. We have the utmost faith in the police. We have come here to assure the family that their pain will not go unanswered.”

Senator Abbo also shared that the Senate would reconvene on September 26th and pledged a thorough, impartial investigation. “Mohbad was not just an artist; he was a friend and a brother to us. I implore everyone not to take to the streets, as I will never stay silent when I witness a young person’s dreams being shattered.”

In the wake of this tragic loss, the quest for justice for Mohbad continues to gather momentum. The world watches as a grieving family seeks closure and a nation demands answers, united in the pursuit of truth and accountability.